MERLIN +2.0 E945M

  • Merlin C945 3 channel "bear claw" Mini Remote Control

    Merlin + C945 Bear Claw Garage Remote

    Merlin 3 channel mini remote 433.92Mhz AM

    Compatible with the following Garage Door Motor Models:
    Rollerace MR60, MR600, MR600A, MR650
    MR800, MR800A, MR850, MR1000
    MT5580, MT5580P, MT60, MT60P
    MT230, MT600, MT800, MT1000
    MT3850, MJ3800, M3800R
    MGA600, MGL300, MGL400
    MGS500, MGS500T
    MGS1000, MGS1000T
    ML500, ML700
    MLR750, MLR850
    HE60, HE60R

    Merlin's unique Bear Claw design in a Black case with 3x Green buttons
    Transmitter Frequency 433MHz
    Key ring size  

    A compact three button key ring transmitter, featuring the 3 channel “bear claw” mini-remote (AM)

    Trasmitter: AM Trasmission
    Rolling code
    New code every use
    over 100 billion code to choose from
    Power supply: 10A20 (3) battery
    Batteries and Instructions Included

    Suits Models:
    MR600 MR650 MR800 MR850 MT5580 MT60 MT600 MT1000

    Controls up to three different doors or gates. Suitable for pocket, or key chain.

    1. Identify your Garage Door unit.
    2. Remove the light cover to reveal the receiver board.
    3. Locate the Orange or Purple ‘Learn’ or ‘LRN’ button.
    4. On your new remote press & hold the button that you wish to program to the door.
    Continue to hold the button through step 5.
    5. While still holding the button on your remote press & release the ‘Learn’ / ‘LRN’ button on the receiver board.
    6. Release the button on your remote.
    7. If successful, the motor light will flash to indicate the remote has been programmed.
    8. Test the new remote to check programming has been successful.

    author: Affordable Garage Doors Gold Coast