Garage Door RepairsGarage Door Servicing Tips

  • Tracks Maintenance Roller Doors - Clean the internal sections of the track with Turps or degreaser or similar with a clean cloth to remove any dirt or grease. Do not use grease or oil on the roller door tracks. Mr sheen works really well as a cleaner also.
  • Steel Hinge Maintenance - 
  • Sectional Doors
  • Use a Grease or motor oil to lubricate steel hinges – use sparingly. As this is nice and thick and sticks to the parts. Also use this to lubricate wheel to axle bearings.
  • Spring Maintenance - Use a motor oil then Grease to  along the length of the springs. You should also check the following, however repair or service to these items need to be done by a qualified Affordable Garage Door Technician.
  • Cable Maintenance - Check for wear & tear and any signs of fraying or corrosion should be attended to immediately. The cables are under extreme tension and should only be adjusted by a qualified garage door technician.
  • Spring Tension Maintenance - It is normal for springs to lose tension. You should manually open and close your door regularly to test spring tension. It should require the same amount of force to open as it does to close. If you have an automatic opener fitted to your door, disengage the opener first.
author: Affordable Garage Doors Gold Coast